3M AM13124 - 490Fz P120 4 x 24 in Blt Am13124 7100113124

3M AM13124 - 490Fz P120 4 x 24 in Blt Am13124 7100113124

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3M SiC Cloth Belt, 490FZ, P120, 4 in x 24 in (101.6 mm x 609.6 mm)

  • Featuring the right blend of mineral, backing, and bond, the 3M SiC Cloth Belt 490FZ is designed for coarse and intermediate/fine wood sanding operations where good cut rate and finish are required
  • Perhaps one of the best features of the 3M SiC Cloth Belt 490FZ is its versatility ? it's offered in both narrow and wide flat finishing forms, as well as different grades.
  • Product Information

    Brand 3M
    Origin Country USA

    Extra Product Information

  • Wide abrasive belts are used with wide belt sanders to dimension or finish wood panels
  • This cloth belt is available in two weights: ZF-weight (grades P24 - P50) or YF-weight (grades P60 - P220)
  • Both weights are stiff, sturdy, and durable, with ZF being
  • Product Information

  • Enhanced anti-static properties reduce airborne dust levels when coupled with an efficient dust collection system
  • Good for coarse and intermediate/finish wood sanding
  • Silicon Carbide mineral for sharp, consistent cutting action and fine finishes
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