3M Personal Protective Equipment for Personal Safety

Every day at work is a new story of adventures for many. From discovering something unique in labs to resolving a complex issue at a construction site, employees work hard to achieve such results. However, the risk of personal safety at the workplace demotivates even your best employee; thus, productivity and workflow both get compromised. 

To avoid any such hindrance to work and ensure the proper safety of our employees, you should consider keeping certain basic safety equipment at the workplace. To help you with that, we have listed a few below. Let’s have a look.  

1. Head Protection

3M ratchet headgear

Anybody at a construction site is always seen wearing a safety tool- a helmet. And why not? 

Protecting your head from any accident is crucial, hence reliable headgear is a must. Equipping employees with high-quality headgear benefits them and ensures your human capital stays safe and work finishes without any mishap. 

Among all the options available, 3M ratchet headgear comes with a chin protector that provides safety to the chin of the person along with the head. It comprises a high-strength thermoplastic crown protector that provides impact resistance. This headgear features an adjustable ratchet suspension and a unique system that allows convenient faceshield window replacement.  This helps in providing a precise fit and comfort, and head protection. Also, ratchet headgear complies with ANSI Z87.1-2003 industry standards.

2. Respiratory Protection

3M full face reusable respirator
Whether dealing with chemicals containing harmful fumes or particulate matter suspended in the air at a construction site, such working conditions are challenging for anyone. It requires a person to be well equipped with the safety gears like respirators.  

Respirators protect a person by removing contaminants from the air. For example, air-purifying respirators with cartridges chemicals and gases. 3M Full Face Reusable Respirator provides flexibility in extreme environments. It covers the face fully and fits perfectly with the help of the durable head harness and straps. It has a cool flow valve for the cooler, drier air, thus delivering superior comfort. This reusable respirator is equipped with a large lens for an exceptional field of view. Also, it is attached to a low-profile bayonet cartridge, designed for improved balance and better weight distribution. This resilient and durable respirator is developed by complying with industry standards and has various industrial applications. 

3. Ear Protection (Earmuffs)

Peltor over-the-head earmuffs
Loud sounds can damage sensitive structures in your inner ear, causing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and ringing, roaring, or buzzing in the ears. The longer the exposure to loud sound, the faster the manifestation of the symptoms. Though risky, loud sound is an occupational hazard for many, be it a construction site worker, a factory worker, etc. The well-being of your employees is part of your responsibility as an employer. 

For providing better working conditions, Peltor over-the-head earmuffs are a good option. It features an innovatively designed spacer, specially formulated foam liners, and innovative ear cushions to help improve attenuation. This lower-profile earmuff is compatible with other personal protective equipment is lightweight and has earcup pivot points that tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency. Also, it has a 28 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)* conserving hearing comfortably. 

4. Eye Protection

Centurion impact safety goggles
Eye injuries can be caused by direct contact with chemicals or other hazardous materials. These injuries noticeably occur when protective eyewear is not used. The damage can be severe and irreversible, leaving a person with impaired vision and a deep scar on a person's mind. When working with or around hazardous materials, it is essential to protect the eye using the apt and protective eyewear. 

Centurion impact safety goggles offer reliable safety to the eyes of the user. It is reinforced with a large clear anti-fog lens opening to accommodate prescription. Hence, it’s reader-friendly.  The durable 3M Centurion impact safety goggle features a wide-angle wraparound frame design with distinct side-to-side peripheral vision. This reader protective eyewear also offers dust, Impact, or splash protection. It's stable and sturdy, made from a polycarbonate lens that absorbs around 99.9% UV. It meets the requirements of CSA Z94.3-2007.  


As an employer, your employees are your strength. And their health and protection are an essential part of your duty. Though accidents are unavoidable, keeping your workers safe with protective gear is surely in your hands. Provide them with the best in quality and features protective equipment. These types of equipment ensure not only their safety but also unhindered workflow. Visit eGrimes Direct, and buy the best-in-class industrial supply complying with industrial standards.

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