The right tape for the job can mean cost savings, improved quality & can earn you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Industrial tapes can be used for a multitude of applications. So how do you find the right product for your process?

Let's get started by reviewing the Top 3 Reasons to choose the right tape for your business & then find the best solution and get you started!

Cost Savings : Increased efficiency through enhanced product or process technology.

Improved Quality: Consistent reliable production results that yield quality finished products.

Competitive Edge: Use Cost Savings + Quality Products to give your company that competitive edge and stand out!

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You are challenged to make products and processes better every day.

There are no short cuts but there is new and improved technology ~ & that’s where the magic (science) comes in.

If you have a certain specification to adhere to or a problem to solve, we can help by using our adhesive tape knowledge to help find the right solution.

So bring us your ideas & requirements – for strength, fit, flex, impact, aesthetics, noise, weight, speed, assembly and more – and we’ll work hard to help you meet your challenges.

3M VHB CV45 1INX36YD - VBH Commercial Vehicle Tape CV45F Grey (1 Inch x 36 yards) 7000124248
3M 465-48X60 - Adhesive Transfer Tape 465 in Clear (48 Inch x 60 Yards x 2.0 mil) 7000017184
3M VHB B16 3/4INX36YD - VHB Architectural Panel Tape B16F Black (3/4 Inch x 36 Yards) 62.0 mil 7100025024
3M Scotch 897-18X55 - Filament Tape 897 Clear (0.70 Inch x 60.14 Yards) 7000123441
3M 06386-1/4X20 - Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape Black 45 mil (1/4 Inch x 20 Yards) 7000126514
3M Scotchlite 7610WS-24X50 - Scotchlite High Gain Reflective Sheeting 7610WS 24 Inch x 50 Yards 7000059477
3M 203-24X55 - General Purpose Masking Tape 203 Beige (0.95 Inch x 60 Yards) 7000148373
3M 764-1X36-RED - General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 in Red (1 Inch x 36 Yards x 5.0 mil) 7000123883
3M FB-SPRAY-SIL-WHT - 3M Fire Barrier Watertight Spray, white, 5 gallon (18.9 L) pail 3M FB-SPRAY-SIL-WHT 7100138396