eGrimesDirect ~ What to expect

In the fast-paced world of industrial distribution, efficiency and expertise are the cornerstones of success. But what sets apart an exceptional industrial distributor from the rest?

It's not just about keeping up with the latest technology or having a wide range of products. It's about understanding the unique needs of each client, anticipating their challenges, and providing tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

From a deep knowledge of the industry to an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the right industrial distributor can effectively become an integral part of your team and help you achieve greatness within your industry.

So, whether you're an aspiring business owner, consumer or purchaser looking for the right partner, read on to learn about what eGrimesDirect can do for you.

eGrimesDirect for Business Owners

Competitive pricing, fast first-choice access to the right product for the job, assurance of superior quality and reliable, well-informed service are the cornerstones of Grimes' success.

On the supply side of the business equation, Grimes product managers maintain close watch for innovative products and new technologies.

On the demand side, we listen to our customers and anticipate their wants.

We value long-term productive customer relationships, and we work hard to earn our customers' confidence and keep their trust.

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Our experience, in-depth product knowledge and applications expertise have led us to develop particularly effective supply management strategies and it is our goal to strengthen your operations and administration through:

Better pricing and quality-for-money value,

Reliable timely supply of all kinds of industrial product needs,

Specific identification of what's required for what job,

Customized billing and standardized procedures for administrative consistency,

Reduced paperwork volumes,

Enhanced procurement cost oversight and tracking,

Increased control of tools, materials and supplies inventory, and the convenience of a single-source supplier.

eGrimesDirect for Purchasers


The Grimes NeXus Supply Management Portal helps purchasers to increase efficiency and improve productivity for an enhanced competitive advantage.

Whether for single-facility or multiple-plant operation, NeXus will help leverage buying power, standardize and consolidate product sourcing and reduce transactional costs.

Our product managers take great pride in sourcing the finest products available in the market today. We endeavor to carry a mix of quality and price points that will bring value to your business.

Buy Smart:

The NeXus Supply Management Portal makes purchasing efficient and easy by offering the following:

* Advanced Searchability

* Quick Ordering Options

* Order Approval Workflows * Detailed Account Control

* Ability to Track Order Status

* Access to History

* Enhanced Reporting

* Contract Pricing

* Rebate Program

* Ongoing Addition of User Options and Enhancements

Buy Quality:

We showcase the best and brightest products in the marketplace today. Our robust supplier relationships offer Grimes customers' unparalleled first-choice access to new products and technical innovations, and the reassurance of superior product quality and value associated with the brands we have chosen to represent.

Buy Direct:

We leverage our buying power to deliver consistent everyday low pricing and the following:

* Massive Product Selection

* Volume and Large Buy Pricing

* New Product Lines Added Weekly

* First Hand Notification of New Product and Technology Solutions by Industry.

eGrimesDirect for Consumers

Some interesting eGrimesDirect facts for consumers:

We are a wholesale company just as Costco is. Although the quantities we sell may be greater than what you would normally buy, the savings should be well worth it.

Many of our preferred suppliers produce both industrial and consumer products. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring these new and established brands to market.


We also offer our own private brands TUFF GRADE & EGD which include a full line of rugged, quality products suitable for consumer and industry use.

. . . and we are adding new products weekly so be sure to check back because as a member you are privy to flash buys, specials and bulk pricing.

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What we bring to the table!

Reliability: Ensuring consistent product and timely delivery

Inventory management: Maintaining a well-stocked inventory

Technical expertise: Providing expert advice and support

Product knowledge: A deep understanding of the products we distribute

Technical expertise: Providing expert advice and support

Customer service: Going above and beyond to meet our customer's needs

We Are the Industrial Supply Experts Your Business Needs!