Adhesive Sealers & Sealants

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Adhesive sealers and sealants provides a strong barrier to protect surfaces from substances and liquids.

Some popular adhesive sealants include:

Scotchweld 4693, a high performance adhesive that forms strong bonds on most plastics, polypropylene, polyethylene and polyolefin blends.  It bonds well to other plastics such as ABS, PMMA & nylons, polyesters, rigid polystyrene & resists weathering, water & cleaning products.

Adhesive Sealants 550 / 730 / 760.  3M 550 Polyurethane comes in grey, white or black, 730 Low VOC comes in clear and 760 Low VOC comes in white.  These adhesive sealante are formulated to have a wide variety of hardness, open times & performance parameters to meet many applications requirements.

5200 Marine grade Adhesive Sealant is a fast-curing marine polyurethane adhesive sealant which becomes tack-free in one hour & fully cures in approx. 24 hours.

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