NeXus Portal Solutions

In 1994 Grimes Industrial Products Group launched, one of the first fully functioning, scalable, and searchable online product catalogs. At the time, the prospect of capturing new opportunities through the early adoption of technology within the industrial products marketplace caught our attention in a big way. All of a sudden, a lot of people could find us without the use of a directories, trade shows, or sales calls. We could share our product knowledge and expertise.

Over the years that followed, we continued to keep a close watch on advancements in technology while planning to build an industrial ecommerce platform that would match highly efficient processes with a high level user experience.

Believing that this type of innovation would raise the bar and influence a new industry standard, we continued to develop the concept and our prototype. Then in the fall of 2016 we introduced NeXus: Our Supply Management Portal to the Industrial and Consumer markets.

It has long been our belief that today's buyers, being used to the retail experience thanks to industry leaders such as Amazon, are comfortable researching and transacting using their smart phones and tablets. And industry studies reveal that they are consuming content at a rapidly increasing rate searching for solutions in the form of information, how-to's, questions and answers, products and methods, and customer reviews.

Buyers are looking for direct access to crossover products as well—those that will appeal to B2B and B2C buyers alike, and the feel of the platform needs to be extremely user friendly, and intuitive, offering a high level of service, one that exceeds the traditional and rigid ecommerce platforms built as an add-on to existing ERP systems.

With this in mind, NeXus was designed to become an integral part of the buyer's journey by developing an innovative and comprehensive ecommerce solution that is driven by dynamic, customer-centric Business Intelligence (BI), and able to manage big data and processes efficiently.

B2B + B2C + BI = NeXus An intuitive and efficient Supply Management Portal

It is our mandate to provide the industry knowledge base to allow buyers to self-educate and self-serve their way through the buying process. We are committed to delivering solutions to our customers.