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Using Tunable Technology

3M Littmann Stethoscopes are dependable clinical tools for physical assessment and monitoring of patients. 

The modern electronic stethoscope is an acoustic medical device used for auscultation or listening to the internal sounds of an animal or human body.

It typically has a small disc-shaped resonator that is placed against the skin, and one or two tubes connected to two earpieces.

A stethoscope can be used to listen to the sounds made by the heart, lungs or intestines, as well as blood flow in the arteries & veins.


  • 3M Littmann Stethoscopes feature  patented tunable diaphragms that alternate between bell and diaphragm modes with a simple pressure change on the chestpiece.
  • Some stethoscopes also features single-lumen tubing and a comfortably angled anatomically correct headset.

Littmann is a known leader In the stethoscopes marketplace due to the shape of the stethoscope.

Looking fo quality stethoscopes with tested and proven performance? Trust Littmann by 3M. Littmann Stethoscopes are trademarks of 3M.

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