3M AM04972 - 969F 40+ T29 5 in x 5/8-11 Disc 7100104972
3M AM04972 - 969F 40+ T29 5 in x 5/8-11 Disc 7100104972

3M AM04972 - 969F 40+ T29 5 in x 5/8-11 Disc 7100104972

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3M Cubitron II Flap Disc, 969F, T29, Quick Change, 40+, YF-weight, 5 in x 5/8-11 in

  • 3M Cubitron ll Flap Disc 969F is designed to handle aggressive sanding applications while providing a smooth clean finish on a variety of metals
  • It offers flexible performance with 3M Precision Shaped Ceramic Grain layered on flaps of tough polyester cloth.
  • Product Information

    Brand 3M
    Origin Country USA
    Product Type Fibre Discs

    Extra Product Information

  • 3M Cubitron ll Flap Disc 969F is best suited for metal grinding and finishing, thanks to its unique design and fast cutting abrasive material
  • This disc features a grinding aid, which runs cooler and helps prevent discolouration on metal surfaces
  • The sem
  • Product Information

  • 3M Cubitron II Abrasives cut exceptionally fast, helping increase productivity
  • Abrasive flap design provides a soft and smooth cut on rounded or irregular surfaces
  • Durable Polyester backing material for high unit pressure applications like beveling and slag removal
  • Flaps wear down to expose fresh abrasive mineral, assuring a fast and consistent cut
  • Resin bonding material handles the heat of grinding applications
  • To be used with right angle grinders
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