3M PN6405 - Vinyl Tape 471 Blue 1/4 Inch x 36yds 7100055835
3M PN6405 - Vinyl Tape 471 Blue 1/4 Inch x 36yds 7100055835 - eGrimesDirect

3M PN6405 - Vinyl Tape 471 Blue 1/4 Inch x 36yds 7100055835

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3M Vinyl Tape, 471+, indigo, 0.3 in x 36.0 yd x 5.3 mil (0.6 cm x 32.9 m x 0.1 mm)

  • Designed for fine line and critical paint masking, 3M Vinyl Tape 471+ is a conformable tape with a semi-translucent backing
  • This durable tape is flexible and removes cleanly even after bake cycles, without adhesive build-up or ghosting
  • Use it on flat, curved, or compound surfaces to ensure exceptional paint lines in a variety of painting applications across a broad spectrum of industries.
  • Product Information

    Brand 3M
    Length 36yds
    Width 1/4 Inch
    Origin Country USA
    Product Type Vinyl Tapes
    Thickness 36 mil

    Extra Product Information

  • 3M Vinyl Tape 471+ is a high-temperature paint masking tape designed to create sharp paint lines on complex jobs, including critical paint applications that feature detailed designs or curves
  • It has a semi-translucent indigo film backing designed to provide some visual clarity for alignment during application
  • Dispensable and appropriate for outdoor use.
  • Product Information

  • Clean removal without ghosting, even after 3 minute bake cycle at temperatures up to 250?F/121?C
  • Excels in masking applications to create sharp, fine paint lines for striping, colour separation, and complex designs
  • Rubber adhesive provides quick stick with excellent holding strength on most surfaces
  • Semi-translucent indigo backing provides some visual see-through for accurate alignment of tape
  • Unique stretch properties enable tape to remain stretched to conform to uneven surfaces without lifting, thus avoiding paint bleed
  • Waterproof and easily removable
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