Walter 08P600 - 6X1/4X7/8 Xcavator
Walter 08P600 - 6X1/4X7/8 Xcavator - eGrimesDirect

Walter 08P600 - 6X1/4X7/8 Xcavator

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  • XCAVATOR TM has been redesigned to incorporate the latest innovation in Type 27 depressed center grinding wheels
  • The new Comfort Max TM Technology in the hub of the wheel helps to minimize vibration, providing the operator with more comfortable, ergonomic work conditions without sacrificing productivity
  • Xcavator delivers premium performance, the highest removal rate in steel and stainless steel and can confront some of the industry?s toughest metals, such as tungsten carbide and quenched and tempered steel
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in your production process and reduce the amount of time spent grinding with the new and improved Xcavator with Comfort Max TM Technology, exclusive to Walter Surface Technologies.
  • Product Information

    Brand Walter
    Arbor 7/8 Inch
    Diameter 6 Inch
    Grit 16
    Mineral Zirconia Alumina
    Product Type Grinding, Pipeline &Flexible Wheels
    RPM 10200

    Extra Product Information

  • Ultra high removal grinding wheel
  • Product Information

  • Exceptional performance, highest productivity
  • Fe-Free formulation (guaranteed not to contaminate stainless steel)
  • Ultra High Removal Rate
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