Zoll Medical 22600010102011060 - Zoll AED Plus with AED Cover - Deployment Package
Zoll Medical 22600010102011060 - Zoll AED Plus with AED Cover - Deployment Package

Zoll Medical 22600010102011060 - Zoll AED Plus with AED Cover - Deployment Package

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  • Evacuates blood from a distended heart
  • When a victim collapses, the arteries stop moving blood, but the veins continue delivering blood to the heart over the next 4 to 5 minutes, as the heart becomes distended (filled with blood but not pumping)
  • Even if the heart is in ventricular fibrillation (VF), it needs CPR to evacuate the blood it has filled up with before a shock can be effective.
  • Moves oxygenated blood to the BRAIN
  • Helps reduce brain damage, keeps victim alive longer, and leads to improved quality of life if victim survives
  • Moves oxygenated blood to the HEART
  • (Most important part of CPR!) Resuscitation requires TWO THINGS: [1] shocking the heart and [2] delivering blood to the heart.
  • nly ZOLL?s AED Plus is equipped with Real CPR Help? technology
  • A sensor in the pads that attach to the patient lets the AED see each chest compression and lets you know how you?re doing
  • It guides you, with prompts and a real-time bar gauge, to the recommended depth and rate of compressions
  • ?Whenever defibrillation is attempted, rescuers must coordinate high-quality CPR with defibrillation.? ? 2010 AHA Guidelines, p
  • S712
  • How It Works
  • Our one-piece CPR-D-padz?, which contains a pair of electrodes, senses and reports the motion of the chest compressions to the AED Plus.
  • Audio and text prompts relay compression quality.
  • The compression depth bar gauge lets you see the depth of each compression in real time.
  • The adaptive metronome detects compression rate and guides you to at least 100 per minute.
  • Product Information

    Brand Zoll Medical
    Product Type AED

    Technical Specifications

    he force required to depress the chest during CPR varies with the patient?s size and build. The standard
    easure of chest compression quality, however, is not force but depth. The Real CPR Help? technology i

    Extra Product Information

  • The major benefit of the AED Plus The best possible support for a rescuer who is trying to save a life
  • The best AED
  • s not one that is simple
  • It?s the AED that provides the best support during the rescue.
  • bout CPR
  • esearch shows1 that HALF of all res
  • Product Information

  • Real CPR Help? provides real-time feedback for depth and rate of chest compressions during CPR
  • The AED Plus? is the ONLY AED that can SEE what you?re doing during CPR and provide audio and text prompts (PUSH HARDER and GOOD COMPRESSIONS) and a visible bar gauge on the display screen for each compression in real time
  • Real CPR
  • elp does MORE than ?CPR coaching.? Other CPR coaches are BLIND, and cannot SEE your CPR.
  • Once installed, the AED Plus has the LOWEST Total Cost of Ownersh
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