Zoll Medical 8501-001102-26 - Medical AED 3 Fully-automatic Kit (French)
Zoll Medical 8501-001102-26 - Medical AED 3 Fully-automatic Kit (French)

Zoll Medical 8501-001102-26 - Medical AED 3 Fully-automatic Kit (French)

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  • Zoll? Real CPR Help? offers rescuers unparalleled technology with integrated, real-time CPR feedback on BOTH depth and rate of compressions
  • Zoll? Real CPR Help? can measure rescuer compressions and guides rescuers to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation's recommended 2" depth of compressions with voice and text prompts, in real-time, to "press harder" and follows with "good compressions" when the rescuer reaches the required depth
  • Both pads and batteries include a 5 year shelf life offering a low cost of ownership as well as simplified AED program management (less replacement cycles)
  • Fully automatic device delivers shock automatically as needed
  • The original language configuration of the unit can be changed to deliver English or French prompts by accessing the Supervisor set-up menu
  • Integrated pediatric rescue with the use of universal CPR Uni-Padz? for both adult and pediatric rescues
  • Larger screen offers dynamic rescue images in full colour for enhanced rescuer support along with voice prompts, text prompts and metronome
  • 8 year device warranty (6 years + 2 years after product registration)
  • Zoll's Biphasic Therapy escalating energy shocks through the rescue
  • Defaults to weekly and monthly self-tests, can be configured to daily
  • WiFi enabled to easily monitor and manage AED readiness, transfer case data post-event
  • IP55 rating for protection against dust and water
  • Includes: Zoll? AED 3?, Zoll? CPR Uni-Padz? universal electrodes for adult or pediatric rescue (5 year shelf life), AED 3? battery pack (5 year shelf life), Fast response rescue kit, Manuals
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    Brand Zoll Medical
    Product Type AED Kit

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